Truckin’. Just like the “Doo Dah” Man


I have found that in the wake of the nervous breakdown of ’03, driving the highways and by-ways of Los Angeles puts me in an almost zen-like state of relaxation. Funny, no?
And I find myself taking the scenic route a lot these days, not in any huge rush to get anywhere, with one sweet exception. Things are good and exciting and I’m arguably having the best 12 months of my adult life, but with all of that comes new attendant kinds of anxiety. I’ve got a great support base, and as Mama H says: “even if it’s not the adventure you set out on, it’s still an adventure.”

Of course, she also says, “the only benefit to being an adult is that you get to eat dessert first.”

ANYWAY. Hopefully some fun, exciting updates soon. In the interval, I’ll be driving.



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