Holmes-Style 2009 Holiday Dial-a-Song Criteria


See, normally I do a Holiday mix cd (non-denominational but admittedly Judeo-Christian skewing) as an inexpensive but personal way to show my friends and family love this time of year. Sadly, due to a few technical issues I will not be able to do this for the coming Holiday season.

Now: I abhor talking on the phone (long story), but a happy byproduct of that is that I have a tidy surplus of night/anytime minutes at my disposal, so I had an idea…

I am willing and able to call any of y’all and sing a snippet of ANY holiday song of your choice anytime between December 1st and 31st. The only stipulation being you give me time to research it if need be!

So if you’re interested, email/txt/ping/whatever me with the following info:
1) Song/artist
2) Preferred date in December
3) Time of day you’d prefer your call

It’s silly, I know. But 2009 has proved to be a doozy, and I wantto let you all know I care.



10 thoughts on “Holmes-Style 2009 Holiday Dial-a-Song Criteria

  1. We always do a CD as well. And I’ll be honest, we don’t even try to make it non-denominational. Most of the good songs are a little Jesus-y or at least Santa-y.

    1. See, I usually throw in a blend of Santa/Jesus/Hannukah, but I also try for “winter” and “snow” and all that junk.

  2. ok, this is the awesomest idea ever!!

    I want you to call me at 3 a.m. on December 1. (Why? Because 3 a.m. seems like a great time to be serenaded!)

    I want you to sing, well, anything really. But since you’re asking … How about “Baby it’s Cold Outside” by, well, I think everyone has done it. You know the one.

  3. SERIOUSLY?? Will you be offended if I don’t answer? Cause a) I never answer my phone, and b) I would much rather have that on my voicemail.

    Can I have Fairytale of New York? I want Fairytale of New York.

    1. Ooh, I want mine on my voice mail too! Good idea Elizabeth – then I can listen to it as much as I want! Still call me at 3 a.m. though Mikey :). You can make it 3 a.m. East Coast time which is only midnight for you 😉

      1. Dude! I totally want Fairytale of New York too. Roundabout December 7, anytime before 3pm. I’ll be at work and unable to answer the phone, this way, it’ll be on m’voicemail when I head home.

        Please, and thank you.

  4. I have decided at last. I want to hear YOUR favorite. That way, you’ll hear it too and it’ll be Christmas for you as well.

    1. Actually, I like surprises, and you know my favorite, so you pick: either your favorite or mine (just the David Bowie part, to make it easier!), and on Christmas Eve. That’s a get up early and stay up late day, so any time you fancy!

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