Halloween Music 18 of 31:”Ghost of John,” K. Lawrence


There’s a bit of story that goes with this one.

It was 2nd grade (so y’know…’84?), and as part of our regular friday post-lunch thing, it was music time. I also remember it was a really grey, rainy day, andI think it was somewhere near thanksgiving. I should have had my Halloween creepies all gone, to say the least.

But music time comes around and the song for this week is “Ghost of John,” which I believe is a traditional English tune. And it sends me into terrors almost immediately. Like, I think almost embarrassingly so. For better or worse, I’ve blocked that out. I can tell you though, that it stuck with me all day, like when Mom took me to the grocery store with her (Furr’s, I think. And I also think I managed to con her into getting me a Star Wars figure I didn’t really want, but didn’t already have. ), and even into watching “V” with my dad and then sleeping on the sofa bed that night. Which was kind of a treat.

Only I didn’t sleep because I was waiting for the Ghost of f**king John to come get me. True story!



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