Late Summer/Early Autumn Music.


Big fan of the mixtape. In college and the years immediately preceding it, I got three that really take the cake. One from J.D.* which had the Inspiral Carpets, Yo La Tengo, Pulp and many many more. That one reminds me of late Autumn and early winter 1997.

I got one from Jen when I first moved to LA that she’d called “Magnetic Jungle Love,” which included most of The Magnetic Fields’ “69 Love Songs, Vol. 3” intercut with some great exotica and lounge tracks that I have yet to be able to track down again, as I’ve long since lost the tape. I even asked her recently about that part of the mix, and she’s not sure if she has the source material anymore, either. Too good to live, I reckon. That one’s for the later part of 2001.

But the one that really, REALLY stands out in my mind was from my friend’s now ex-wife (and at the time, current ex-girlfriend. It was complicated) that I had asked her to put together for me that was sort of what I thought “mods” should like. To give a bit of context, at this time, while I was still a Scooter boy, I was mostly just into Ska. So in the interest of trying to understand my friend’s tastes a bit better and broaden my own horizons,  Deli (real name, what the heck) put this mix together before shortly before I graduated college. Didn’t think much of it at the time, but as I was learning my way around the Emerald City by bus or even just lounging around my friend’s house in Magnolia  shortly after having moved there, this one came to mean a LOT to me. Late ’99, ftw.

To this day, there are certain songs that trigger that honey colored sunset glow and that crisp bite in the air that comes with Autumn. I know I’ve waxed poetic about the changing of the seasons fairly recently, but I like what I like.

“So for those of you watching in black and white, this one’s in technicolor.”



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