Dream 8.6.09 or “everyone deserves an off day.”


I’ve hit some sort of weird psychic hiccup over the past few days. It feels acutely like everything I’m doing is being misinterpreted, and it’s an uphill battle I’m having trouble winning. But am I giving up? Hell no. Am I grumpy about it? Yes. So here’s a dream I had last night in lieu of any real content:

I’m shooting at the house in Alta Dena where the 3-d ghost movie was shot, only there aren’t very many cameras and it’s also a prom setting for some reason. It’s chock full of people from the crew on the movie and Sacred Fools and there is one girl there that I like but she’s kind of dating my friend and I’m like “I shouldn’t talk to you because of that” and she’s like, “don’t be silly,” and then I float backwards doing a backstroke.

And then it’s the next night, and I’m lurking outside the house and there are still a bunch of lights on and I’m kind of waiting to see a ghost only to realize I AM the ghost.

And then I’m floating on some sort of elevated train platform and go into my friends apartment and we’re all waiting for something BIG to happen, but then it doesn’t. Or does it?

Hurm. Need to dream blog closer to waking up. Feel like there was a bunch of rad detail that got lost in the mix of the day.




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