Achievement(s) Unlocked.


So, in observation (celebration, dammit!) of the 8 year anniversary of my moving to Los Angeles, I thought I’d focus on putting things in perspective and just sort of give a run down of some of the wacky things I’ve been up to in that time. No sense of chronology here, just stream of consciousness.

6 permanent Addresses (and there was a period of time I was couch surfing, so I’ve set up shop in more than these 6, but these were MINE.)

3 Full Time Jobs (Virgin Megastore Burbank to Amoeba Music to Warner Bros, at 7 mos, 4 years and 3 years and counting respectively.)

1 Total Nervous Breakdown! (Details available upon request, but never fear because…)

1 Recovery from a Total Nervous Breakdown! (See, I’m still here, ain’t I?)

2 Appearances on Cable TV Gameshows (Totally pwn’d the first one, but got dicked out of prizes, choked on the final round on the 2nd but got $1k. Net gain, says I.)

2.5 Years as a Friend of Bill (If you don’t know what this one is, I can’t tell you.)

1 Lead Role in a 3-D Horror Film (Coming out around Halloween, y’all!)

and while we’re at it…

1 Lead Role in a somewhat notable webseries (We’re shooting more Duck ‘n’ Cover this weekend, promise)

1 Supporting Role in a Stage Version of “A Clockwork Orange” (as burly and weird as it sounds. But we got some darn good notices. And it did WONDERS for my friend V., so that’s pretty rad.)

4 out of 6 Grand/Step-Grand Parents Funerals not Attended (And I keep beating myself about it, but my family keeps telling me it’s ok. *sigh*)

More than 1 Relationship that maybe fizzled prematurely (But I’m working on that one, too.)

5 Cellphones (And remember when text messaging seemed futuristic and novel?)

More Friends Than I Can Count That Have Come In and Out of My Life, And Most Have Stayed (I love y’all. For realsies.)

And that’s all I can think of right now. I may update, I may let you fill in the gaps in time or choose your own Michael H. based adventure. Either way, I promise tomorrow I’ll talk about comic books or acting or something.

Hugs, all around.



3 thoughts on “Achievement(s) Unlocked.

  1. 7 permanent address (I think; do college apartments count? If so, just about double that)

    3 Full-time jobs (receptionist at car dealership in college was full time my last semester, the daily newspaper/women’s magazine, and my graphic design biz)

    0 nervous breakdowns. Knock on wood!

    1 appearance that I’m aware of on the local cable news station, though I never got to see it. Was an interview about whether old people should have drivers’ licenses, and I was at the DMV (see car dealership job, above)

    3 grandparents’ funerals attended. One grandmother who I hope will live forever. And it’s ok that you didn’t go.

    A few prematurely ended relationships. It’s tough but there’s always a reason.

    6 cell phones, I think? Wow, they’ve come a long way. From a bag phone to an iphone.

    And you’re right, friends are the best part of it all! I heart you!

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