So if you scroll way back in the bloggage and look at the “Incident From the Past that Might blah blah blah” entry, you’ll see me mention Lucie*.  We’ve long since made peace, mind you, but we lost track of each other a few years back.

And thanks to the magic of Facebook, we’ve reconnected.  Now, this is strange…and a bit of a harbinger.

We reconnected in 05 as part of my time in a 12-step program (details avail. upon request) and then just as suddenly dropped out of each others lives. Which is fine, but I feel like letting go of that helped spring me along to my next level in the platfrom-based video game that is life.

So here it is, 2009 and we’ve reconnected again. And there are things brewing in my life that could stand a bit of perspective from things that have come and gone. Way to be a harbinger, Lucie. 





*not her real name, natch.


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