Because I haven’t talked about comics in a while, or: “Reflections on Final Crisis.”


I never, ever thought I’d say this, but I think I may want to break up with DC Comics. And this is after a 20-some-odd year love affair that started in the wake of “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” and more specifically because of the encycolpedic tie-in called “Who’s Who in the DC Universe.” If you read my Vox blog about a year ago, you’ll remember that the issue with Green Lantern  was particularly formative for me.

But anyway, I think it’s interesting that a huge, company wide continuity shifting event is what brought me into the fold as a dyed-in-the-wool DC Fanboy, and it might be another one that takes me out.

Actually, let’s see. We’ve got “Final Crisis,” “Rage of the Red Lanterns,” and the dregs of “Batman R.I.P.” going on, too. Too much man. Way. TOO. Much.

And I love that Grant Morrison got to wreak havoc on the DCU, I really, really am. But when you start talking about Vampire Gods from beyond the cosmos…well, even I have fanboyish limits. Seriously. “Superman: Beyond 3-d” #2 might be the single most ridiculously overwrought comic I’ve ever read. And that saddens me, because I had such high hopes for Final Crisis. I thought they might really mean it this time. Keep the multiverse, I don’t care. If the JSA has to exist on a parallel earth, so be it. And you know what else?I liked Ultraman, dammit. 

Now, this being said, I did just get a GRIP of reprints from the Silver and Bronze ages that will keep me content and busy for quite a while. SEE? These totally take me back to the saturdays of my youth and going to my dad’s barber, “Smitty,” and the comics he had sitting around his shop that were at least 10 years old by the time I got there, which was ’83 at the latest. My friends, you haven’t lived until you’ve read an issue of “The Brave and the Bold,” I assure you.


So DC, I’m not giving up on you entirely, we’ve been through too much for that. I’m sure you’ll think about what you did and charm your way back into my wallet..but you’re on hella probation, yo.


Oh, and I’m also going to see a screening of “Watchmen” tomorrow at work. Expect a full moratorium on that, too!


2 thoughts on “Because I haven’t talked about comics in a while, or: “Reflections on Final Crisis.”

  1. i just read the Watchmen finally last week. i feel like a bad person, because I’ve had my friend’s copy hostage for over a year (to be fair though he was drunk when he lent it to me, and i was in turn drunk when i received it, so we just sort of forgot about it until i found it in my bookcase) i’m currious about the movie to be sure, so i’ll be interested in knowing what you think!

  2. I’m still with the DCU full-time, but I like being abused.

    I’m catching the midnight IMAX of Watchmen Thursday night and Can. Not. WAIT.

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