Hi! I’m still here!!!


SOMEONE chided me for not blogging more often recently. What can I say? In the wake of the bologna sammich epiphany, I didn’t feel like I have very much to say.

We’re still trying to pick up the pieces from my friend Phil’s passing, and if anything it’s renewed my connection with people and granted me a lot of perspective on things I have going on. And the verdict is: I’ve got it pretty good.

Doing more musically which is cool, I reckon. Playing a gig tonight (2/12/09) as part of a burlesque show, which should be…something. 🙂

Trying to get back into the swing with FZ. I REALLY hope that the Elfman hasn’t lost faith even though it’s a month and a half after I said I’d have a draft ready! *gulp*


And that’s it for now. I promise I’ll be a better blogger from here on in. *pinky swear*.





6 thoughts on “Hi! I’m still here!!!

  1. There! We both blogged! We should be outta the doghouse now, eh, Melissa?

    Now that I’ve been to the sixth dimension, you definitely have to write that script!

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