I either need to change the name of this blog…


..or stop ruing others for being bolder than I.

I’m not referencing any ONE person/place/thing, but it’s something I’ve been working on with my doctor lately. Like, the difference in attempting something and failing and being a martyr about it or just saying fuck it and going for it.

I’m thinking it’s time for the latter. But man, old habits die hard.

Someone close to me also said “there’s an air of confidence bordering on arrogance that I think would suit you.” Not so sure about THAT, but food for thought, no doubt…

Hell, I’m at a veritable buffet of thought right now! Good thing I’m trying to get back down to fighting weight, I guess. So I can bypass the fatty, indulgent feelings/thoughts and just go for the hearty grains and nurturing stuff?

Where am I going with this? Not sure. Just getting it out there, I guess. What are blogs for, after all?

In other news, got a stack of dvd’s just for coming to work. Not bad for the first day back from the holidays, eh?






p.s.-there WAS a suggestion to call the blog “The Platonic Makeout.” I haven’t yet ruled that out.


4 thoughts on “I either need to change the name of this blog…

  1. Old habits do die hard, but think of it like Death in the tarot (or even the Nick Cave song) – not just the end of something, but a forced change to another state of being, yeah?
    Change is good; and death is not the end.
    What does the smart man say? Fuck that noise.

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