Black Friday, Random Thoughts.


I’ve already been up for nearly three hours as I write this, which considering the amount I drank last night is double-plus-ungood, but whatever. The negative side of myself I lovingly refer to as “Skitter” (the good side is “Gaz”) started gnawing at me and I just couldn’t fall back asleep. I’m pretty sure it stems from a very grown-up and dynamic shifting conversation I had yesterday, but I couldn’t get at least one more hour of sleep?! FRACK!

So anyway, here are some random thoughts for this post-Thanksgiving comedown:

-Time to hop back on that therapeutic horse, methinks

-Roxy Music = EPIC WIN.

-I get to play the Cheshire Cat in a hip-hop version of “Alice in Wonderland” this week. FRESHHHHH!!!!

-My gamerscore on Xbox Live is over 1000 now. Not much, but it’s a start. W00t!!!

Go to, my friends. Go, do.



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