Part 3: The Beginning, or: “The Curse.”


This one starts out relatively simply.

In 10th grade, I asked out Liz* one weekend, and we were boyfriend/girlfriend. She wore an Echo and the Bunnymen shirt and turned me onto the Smiths. Which was a drastic change from Iron Maiden and Manowar. In between class kisses, notes, lunch in the courtyard. The whole nine yards. And then I broke up with her. Not awfully, but could’ve been handled better no doubt. We even tried to reconcile briefly, but no dice. I don’t know that I even said another word to her for the rest of school.

Fun facts:

1) Her cousin, J. (what is it with cousins whose names begin w/ J? How many pseudonyms can I find?!) broke a window with my head in 7th grade. And then we both had to pay for it. But we’re buddies to this day!

2) Her OTHER cousins and I went to Comicon in 2005. Good times. I think there are pics on my Flickr account.

3) Oh, and her friend Summer (fuck it, a name is a name) and she put a curse on me.

To qualify:

APPARENTLY, Summer and Liz compiled a list of people that they didn’t like. This list was designed with the intent of somehow willing badness on said people. And my name was on the list. For a time. Summer had put in on there, and Liz had eventually talked her out of it. Now I try to take this with a grain of salt, because the source was a little less than reliable.

But I half-jokingly say that this is the reason my dating life is the way it is. YES, I have abandonment issues. YES, I have a habit of shutting down emotionally. YES, it may seem that I lack a certain amount of confidence, and that is a turn-off. But y’never know…

I was going to write a short story about a guy who goes back to his HS reunion and approaches a girl he dumped under similar circumstances, only to find out that his name WAS on the list…and that it still IS. So he finds out the other gal still has the list, and tracks her down. And she tells him that he can have it, that the job has been done. She goes on to say that if he destroys the list, he’ll never have to worry about dating ever again.

So he does.

And he dies.

The end.

WHOA. Ok, didn’t mean for that to be SOOOOO heavy. Just trying to put perspective on things and focus on the positives from here on out. And unless I get my ass engaged or something, this is the LAST I’m bringing up romance in this blog for the rest of the year at least!



*names changed, blah blah blah. And in tribute:


UPDATE 2/18/09: I started following the gal in question on Twitter, and vice versa, and over a string of back and forth tweets today, she told me that there WAS, in fact, a curse list, but that i was NEVER on it! However, she DID allude to me being cursed…oh well. Net Gain!


2 thoughts on “Part 3: The Beginning, or: “The Curse.”

  1. Wait a minute – I like the romance blogs! Don’t stop! Need more!

    And I’m certain there must be an antidote to the curse … somewhere. We just have to find it. 🙂

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