Mystic Night, No-ingo Boingo.


The time: 9 pm(kind of).

The place: Cafe Wa s, Hollywood, CA.

The event: Meeting w/ Richard and his partner Jack re: Forbidden Zone, live on stage.

I don’t want to say too much, because it’s still all WICKED tentative, but suffice to say, the meeting went really well. Looks like I’ve got a busy time ahead of me, but that’s a-ok! And I didn’t bring up Danny Elfman, but it DID come out that he would probably NOT be available to help out. But some of the OTHER Boingo’s might, and Richard said that he wouldn’t mind guesting as the Devil at some point. Oh, and he said he was a “fan” of mine, and I might even have another Duck ‘n’ Cover convert now!


2008 has been kind of a mixed bag, all around. 2009 is already shaping up mighty nice, so here’s hoping.

Tomorrow:”Part 3: The Beginning, or: ‘The Curse'”




6 thoughts on “Mystic Night, No-ingo Boingo.

  1. Speaking of which, I just downloaded all your episodes via the iTunes, as instructed, and I LOVE the show. 🙂 Sure, I’m no Richard Elfman, but still.


  2. HELLO this is BANANAS. I am so stoked and excited and super duper happy for you! You are amazing for going for this. Aiyeeee! I am doing the Yiddish Charleston right now.

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