Fakin’ Quakin’.


Yep. We had the drill at my work and I think I was one of the ONLY people participating in it! And I did my part, I got under the desk and then after about a minute got up and checked on my co-workers, all of whom were “ok,” and hadn’t gotten under their desks. Now, I kind of feel like the Gallant to their collective Goofus, and I’d like to think that if the time came I’d keep my wits about me and actually be able to be all heroic and shit. 

But mostly I just feel silly for getting under my desk.




2 thoughts on “Fakin’ Quakin’.

  1. I always felt silly when we had drills back in school. Sort of like, “Okay, I’m curled up under a desk! The fire can’t get me here! Nothing could possibly fall on the desk and break it! Life is beautiful!”

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