One Extra Hour of Psychobabble.


Talking last nights/this mornings dreams.

Let’s see…one of them had me doing some sort of play based on Battlestar Galactica, but it was also my high school graduation, and I didn’t know my lines, and eveyone was like “that’s ok,” which freaked me out, because I was supposed to play a young Adama.
And then I was flying around like a superhero and I came across this sidestreet off of melrose where my ex gf and this guy she went on a few dates with were, and he had a gun for some reason and I wrestled it away from him just long enough to smack him w/ the butt a few times. And then I flew away.
Next I was exploring an abandoned building with some friends to find some important artifact or something, and there was a gal in the group that I guess I was romantically linked to, and she got taken hostage and I went all aggro superhero on them and saved her. And then everyone started dancing.
Finally, I dreamt I was at the top of the Hyperion Bridge in Atwater, but it looked kind of like the 99 in Seattle, and some of my theatre friends were there and I had bought one of them a ticket to our late night saturday show, and it turned out he was comped anyway, so I got butt hurt and ran to the base of the bridge, and I swear to god eveything got all World of Warcraft for a sec.

And after all that, I decided I’d had enough.

Thoughts and or/analysis are greatly appreciated.


Now Playing: “The Slider,” T.Rex


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