Party Post Mortem.


My evening didn’t quite turn out the way I’d expected, but it didn’t suck, either. I went to two parties, the latter of which was held by a friend’s ex, and I went with said friend largely to support her should her emotions get the better of her. Which as of 3 a.m. they hadn’t so after much drunkening, I decided it was time to go home!

Oh, but BEFORE that party we went to another one in Los Feliz where I was immediately set upon by a girl who identified me by name, who asked if I knew who she was. It took me a second, and even when I called her by the name I thought was correct, she looked at me blankly. Now, that is one of my HUGEST fears in social situations: to totally space on someone’s name and get called on it. But as it turns out, she was looking for me to identify her costume, which as it turns out was “David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth.”* And then she randomly kissed me. And then I wound up talking to some random dudes about comics (the Hal Jordan costume was a hit amongst a small demo, but that’s 100% ok w/ me).

ANYWAY, over the course of the evening, I saw the following costumes:

The Last Unicorn
Claire from ‘Heroes” (which soliciited praise from someone who actually works at the show, and apparently Zack Quinto was there as well!)
A demonic Sarah Palin holding the dismembered head of John McCain
Daniel Plainview
2 Where’s Waldo (one w/ Wilma, his GF)
3 Frida Kahlos
A Female Sherlock Holmes
A Female Abraham Lincoln
Sam Anders from BSG (complete with tattoo!)
A surprisingly large Ewok
A party bus full of glam rockers…no, really
A Female David Bowie from Labyrinth*
Bert AND Ernie
2 Marios, but only 1 Luigi
An asian Tony Stark (complete w/ chest thingy)
And all 4 of the TMNT w/ turkey pan shells. 

And had I made it to the first party I was supposed to go to (communication error, or well) my friends were going to be The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend. Which just would’ve been cool.

So all in all, not a bad time. NEVER. DRINKING. AGAIN. Probably.


*imagine THIS whilst reading these two sentences


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