Ok, I’ve never gotten into any of the huge horror franchise movies. No “Nightmares” or “Friday the 13ths” or “Halloweens” for me…

Except for “Halloween III: The Season of the Witch.” That has been a fascination of mine ever since I saw a trailer for it on HBO as a wee one. I didn’t actually see the film until about 6 years ago, but it was easily worth the wait!

A bit of a primer: John Carpenter wanted nothing to do with another Halloween sequel, but the studio wanted to push on with the franchise, in name at least, so they came up with the spectacle of “Season of the Witch.” I shit you not: there are like 4 movies wrapped in one. You’ve got the evil Halloween masks with the equally creepy commercial. You’ve got the mysterious dissapearance of pieces of Stonehenge (I think…I don’t remember 100% and I’m NOT going to look on wikipedia). And then you’ve got the weird industrial Irish town in Northern California where the masks are made. Oh, and there’s evil robots, too. 

I think the whole film can be qualified by this one scene:

Ok, the execution and acting might be a little lacking, but that shit w/ the snake coming out of the kid’s mouth? TERRIFYING!!! And that look the dude w/ the moustache gets at the end? The “this is so awful I think I’m gonna take a nap” look? He does that like 4 other times throughout the course of the movie.

But as far as shitty sequels go, you could do a LOT worse. I’m looking at YOU, “Return of the Living Dead II.”




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