Waiting for Elfman.


So, about a year ago I was watching “Forbidden Zone” again, and I thought to myself “Gee, this would make a ginchy stage play!” (Yeah, I’m pretty sure I even thought the word “ginchy.”) About 7 months later (or earlier this summer, if you will), I got the wild hair up my ass to e-mail Richard Elfman about the possibility of maybe kind of someday putting it onstage. Didn’t expect a response at all, let ALONE the one I received the same day!

Now, it wasn’t from Richard proper, but rather from his partner in the Forbidden Zone LLC saying “Y’know what? We’re screeing it tonight at the Egyptian, come and meet Rich.”

My jaw, the floor, BFF.

This was ALSO the same night as auditions for the show I just wrapped up. So I’m going back in forth in my head, “Should I bail on the audition? Should I not go to the movie? DOUBLE-U TEE EFF, MAN?!” As Luck would have it, I had JUST ENOUGH time to do BOTH. How’s THAT for neat-o?  So after the movie I pretty much jumped the line of onlookers with Mr. Elfman’s LLC partner and met him and he didn’t seemed completely repulsed by my idea, but they wanted to see something that me and my theatrical friends could do before they really comitted.

So fast forward to this past week. Elfman’s LLC buddy, contacted me and said, “We want to come see your show.” And I said “Hell yes.” So they came on friday night, and I was SUPER concerned because every time I sneaked a peek he didn’t seem to be enjoying it very much…and he was sitting in the front row, so I snuck a LOT of peeks! But then the show ended and he was the first person up for a standing ovation and I felt validated and sweaty and more than a little thirsty.  Got changed as quick as I could and booked it out front where he, his wife and his LLC buddy (the man’s name is Jack, but LLC Buddy has a nice ring to it) were waiting, all of them super friendly, all of them super complimentary, which was awesome.

AND THEN we all stole off to the side of the theatre and had us a wee chat. The crux of said chat culminated with LLC Buddy saying “You know, since we released the DVD in ’04, we’ve had a lot of people approach us about this and it hasn’t seemed like the right fit. BUT…you all seem like you know what you’re doing and YOU seem to really be reverent for the material, so we should talk more.”

Coulda knocked me over with a feather.

AND I got a free copy of the colorized version of “Forbidden Zone,” which is actually pretty feckin’ groovy!

So now…we wait.



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